What are the benefits of radio for new artists?

Although it might seem like radio holds very little significance in today’s world, the reality is way different. To any booming music artist, radio is the most important factor that can either make him or break him. Undoubtedly, the music industry has undergone several changes in the past decade. Simultaneously, radio also has improvised and adapted to the trending concepts in the market.

Radio now promotes music artists by providing them with exposure, curation, and exclusivity. This implies that there’s nothing better for a budding artist than opting for radio if you want to make an identity of yourself in the music industry. If you wish to know how popular music artists like DJ Shonny Shon made their way to the top, read on. Listed below are some of the benefits that radio offers to budding artists.

1. Exclusivity

With the rise of opportunities and ease of access in the current world scenario, it has become easier than before to create and share your piece of art. This has led to the music industry becoming more saturated with every passing day. Not only does it create a monotonous pattern in the industry, but it also makes it very difficult for a budding artist to rank.

This is where radio shows step in to save the day. Their way of promoting a particular piece of music is way different. Not all the artists are eligible to be broadcasted through it. Artists possessing distinctive qualities and producing unique and appropriate content are featured. This creates a sense of quality control, which no other platform offers.

2. Exposure

Surveys have revealed that apart from radio, there’s no other platform that has got 93% of the population listening to them regularly. Surprisingly, the percentage is even higher than PC, TV, tablet, and mobile use. Plus, the present generation is going gaga over radio broadcasts of popular artists like DJ Jhonny O for more than ten hours a week. Radio brings the audience a sense of flexibility, comfort, and familiarity.

The budding artists can hugely benefit from the reputation that the radio holds. New artists are presented with a trustworthy platform to showcase their talents that will help them gain popularity overnight. Presently, radio has widened its business to cater to international users as well. The best part is it also allows the top-rated artists to perform live at least once every year. Isn’t this the exposure every new artist is looking for? We thought so!

3. Marketing and branding

Consistently creating and generating quality content for a particular audience over the radio is the best way to establish your brand integrity. Any person with sound technological knowledge can throw in some songs and create a playlist overnight. However, it takes a skilled artist to hook the listeners to their originally created soundtrack over the radio. If the audience can’t relate to your taste in music, there’s no chance you could make it on any other platform. So, give your best when you get a chance to broadcast your talents over the radio under the special guidance of professionals like DJ Shonny Shon.

A carefully branded show will help you stand out in the crowd. Apart from this, a study has revealed that the listeners who develop a liking for your music further tend to start mentioning you and your music on other social media platforms. Indirectly, you’re getting your piece of music marketed without investing in social media marketing.

4. Sustainable platform

Unlike other methods of social media marketing like blog posts, radio remains uninterrupted. Although the listeners will have to option to tune into some other station, it takes a lot of disliking to do the same. Since it takes less work on social media to unfollow you, they do it right away! On the other hand, it takes a lot of work to do the same on the radio. Additionally, songs over the radio keep repeating for weeks and months. If some DJs fancy your work, they’ll make it their music library for a considerable period, which gives you more exposure.


We hope now you got your reality check that even though radio might seem outdated, it certainly isn’t. If you are not into some weeks of fame and looking to grow organically and consistently, seeking exposure on the radio is the key. Social media will give you a plethora of opportunities, but radio will strengthen the initial stages of your career. Make a wise move and take appropriate measures to secure an interview or performance on the radio.

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