Finding the strategies that are most suited to a developing artist’s goals, requirements, and resources can be challenging, given the wide range of possibilities available to them. It has long been considered by professionals like raver DJ as a luxury to have your music played on the radio; this service is only available to artists that are signed to big labels or have a large following.

To promote the discovery of new musicians, new alternatives have been introduced in recent years, such as DJ radio show, which gives users access to the greatest radio stations, media & music industry experts with a 7-day response assurance. Because playing the radio and having your songs played on FM are still essential tools for advancing your career. But how do you have your song played on the radio?

Why is radio exposure still so crucial?

Releasing your music has never been both simpler and more difficult at the same time, thanks to the development of social networks & new distribution methods. Because everyone can access these possibilities, it is simple. On today’s top DJ shows, you can release your music for less money. On the other hand, it’s complicated since it’s challenging to build up a successful plan that isn’t overly daring and time-consuming. Over 1000 new songs are currently posted on Spotify every day, making it difficult to stand out from the throng without investing a lot of money or time.

Making one’s music recognized through traditional media, like the press or television, has become less vital over time as they have lost their appeal. Radio, on the other hand, continues to be the primary channel for discovering new music despite competition from streaming services. In particular, among non-subscribers to a streaming platform, 62 percent of new music discoveries are made on the radio as opposed to 20 percent on streaming.

Before opting for top DJ shows, take a look at these 5 suggestions as to how to get your music played on the radio & reach a brand-new audience.

1. Have a successful musical endeavor to get your music played on the radio?

To stand out and, more importantly, seem legitimate in your approach, you must at least exhibit some professionalism yourself before addressing any music professionally. Consider the following guidelines, and do not forget to tune in to raver DJ‘s music:

  • Create a distinctive visual brand to go along with your musical production
  • Keep a press package on hand, or write a compelling biography outlining your background and project
  • Use social networks frequently and prominently
  • Possess recordings of the highest caliber
  • Complete your tracks’ metadata

2. Select the best single to have your music played on the radio.

The most important phase in the entire procedure is this one. You must contribute a piece of high caliber. This implies that it is through all musical production processes, including title selection, composition, arrangement, vocal recording, mixing & mastering. Finding a “single,” or a song that is emblematic of your musical style and has a lot of potential for listening and, consequently, for the audience, is the difficult part of this. It is, to put it plainly, your “big hit.”

3. Observe radio formats

The duration of your song is a crucial component in improving your chances of being played on the radio. Your track should be between 2:30 and 4 minutes long to do this. Beyond that, your prospects of being heard on the radio are frequently slim. Of course, DJ radio shows don’t suggest that you limit your artistic expression. Instead, you must fully develop & express your creativeness through your preferences and your norms.

It will be easier for you to make an artistic statement if you take chances and try new things. On the other hand, if necessary, we advise you to create a “radio edit” version of your single. This indicates that it is a version created especially for radio broadcasting, one that adheres to the duration format and leaves out any offensive or shocking elements. Video clips are also frequently used with this edition. One More Time by Daft Punk is among the most well-known examples; the radio edit version differs greatly from the album version in terms of organization.

4. Pick the proper radio and go with new influencer networks.

Each radio channel has its own listeners and corresponding musical genre. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider the radio channel you want to play your music on. For instance, submitting a reggae song to a metal-focused radio station is pointless. To increase your chances of getting heard, pick radio channels that play music similar to yours and contact them with pertinent information.

Traditional (over-the-air) radio is becoming less and less popular, and a brand-new type of online radio is taking off and giving up-and-coming artists such as raver DJ a new platform. Groover gives you the chance to get in touch with the top radio stations, publications & labels of your choices with the assurance of being heard, getting feedback, and being seen, thanks to an effective and very economical concept!


You may expand your fan base and network, strengthen your relationships with curators and music industry insiders, and increase the impact of your music business by using radio promotion.

Because we are all ultimately just people, the fundamentals of radio promotions have much more to do with developing relationships than they do with pitching music. On a human level, people relate to one another. This is a successful method of radio marketing, and it helps you succeed with your music.

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