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DJ J Storm

DJ J-STORM (born Jason Storman), was not born a DJ, but he was born to be one. At an early age J-Storm’s heart pumped blood, saturated in music. In 1997 at age 21, he became a member of the Universal Zulu Nation. The following years would bring him a TECHNIC DMC Regional’s 3rd place @ the B-Boy Pro Am, 2nd place ITF Regional’s in Gainesville Florida, ITF US Finalist, a write-up, and photo in URB Magazine and a featured article and photo in the SOURCE Magazine. J-Storm would later go on to be the DMC Regional’s Tampa, Florida Champion, San Diego Guitar Center Spin-Off District Champion, Southwestern Hemisphere Guitar Center Spin-Off Champion, Guitar Center Spin-Off Grand Finalist, and a DMC USA FINALIST (which he would achieve again in 2007). ┬áJstorm is now currently the 2016 Tampa DMC Champion and a 2016 DMC USA finalist.